Travel Nursing and Allied

travel_nursing_client_page_1.jpgOn The Road Specialists

Hard to fill positions, remote geographic locations, specialty shortages in your local community – it doesn’t matter why you use travel nurses and therapists, it only matters that you can trust your travel nurse provider. At Supplemental Health Care, we are experts in travel nursing and travel allied solutions. Helping you achieve positive patient outcomes is a personal commitment for us. All of our attention and resources are dedicated to providing you with the best nursing personnel possible across a variety of nursing specialties, including:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Advanced Practice Nurses
  • Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Language Pathologists

Travel Nursing Made Simple

Our job is to make your life easier. Operating since 1984, our travel nursing division typically places nurses on 13-week and longer contracts in facilities from coast-to-coast. Each of our recruiters is an expert at getting to know you and your facility’s needs, nuances and expectations. They are supported by centralized departments focusing on compliance, transportation, housing and other key areas to make sure that our travelers are ready to work from the first day they arrive.

Talent For Life Process

In this tight healthcare labor market, ou Talent For Life philosophy allows us to consistently recruit, manage and retain qualified nurses to meet your workforce needs. Through our standardized approach, we are able to:

Demonstrate our Core Values

By living up to our I. C. A. R. E. Core Values of Integrity, Candor, Accountability, Respect and Excellence, we are able to build strong relationships.

Leverage our Resources

We're able to leverage our national resources to create company-wide programs, tools, and systems, including:

  • Total Relationship Management (TRM) System: Our proprietary front office system ensuring critical talent and client information is always available
  • Recruiting and Retention Market Plans: Proactive market plans driving consistent recruiting and retention efforts
  • Balanced Recruiting Activity Mix: Local and national tools creating a balanced recruiting activity mix across six key areas:
    • Networking, third party recruiting
    • Reactivations, alumni recruiting
    • Referrals, relationship recruiting
    • Database Mining, direct recruiting
    • Mass Media, pull recruiting
    • Recruiting Events, push recruiting
  • Supplemental Advantages: A wide assortment of benefits and value-added programs promoting long-term talent relationships and increased tenure
  • ExpertOpinions Program: Monthly talent feedback surveys leading to company improvement and helping us achieve an 89% talent retention rate

Train For Success

To help meet your workforce needs, our offices are staffed with recruiting and retention pros. In fact, each Supplemental Health Care employee goes through more than 125 hours of process-based training, which means you're always working with an experienced team member.

Workforce Solutions

Our travel nursing division is supported by local offices in major markets across the country. By being part of a national organization, we are able to put an expanded recruiting scope, additional support services, and increased financial resources to work for you. Additionally, by offering both travel and local job opportunities, we are better able to meet the employment needs and career goals of our nurses, allowing us to retain them longer and ensure that experienced talent are available for you. Finally, to help you meet your healthcare staffing needs across your facility, our sister travel and local allied divisions are always ready to help you find qualified Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists and other allied personnel.

Your Partner in Care

We partner with hundreds of hospitals and healthcare facilities every day; providing the nurses they need to deliver quality care and positive patient outcomes. From a single contract to a system-wide staffing program, we want to do the same for you.