Femal Doctor and StaffDon't take our word for it.

As the old expression goes, 'the proof is in the pudding.'  It is one thing for us to tell you what a great job we do, but if you want to know the real scoop, ask our clients and clinicians.  That's exactly what we do every month, and  here is what they have to say about us.  



Talent Testimonials

Supplemental Health Care considered my needs and demanding work schedule, making my job transition much easier.
Lisa A., OT; Baltimore, MD

I am very happy with the team at Supplemental Health Care!
Tracy V., PT; Cincinnati, OH

They were always so supportive and professional whenever I needed them.
Michael J.; RN, Boston, MA

My recruiter is great! They let me be honest and upfront about what I want.
Veronica R., COTA; Phoenix, AZ

They understand who I am and what I’m all about.
Marissa B., RN; Buffalo, NY

I’m impressed with the quality of Supplemental Health Care’s staff.
Brandon W.; PT; Charleston, SC

Supplemental Health Care is a great company and they really care for their employees.
Patricia W., SLP; Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I value the flexibility of working great assignments, while still being able to take time off to spend time with my family.
Brandon P., OT; Dallas, TX

The dedication of the Supplemental Health Care team is remarkable!
Raymond C.,RN; Boston, MA

You guys are professional, on top of things and always promptly address my concerns.
Sabrina L.; RN, Chicago, IL

Working for Supplemental Health Care is perfect for me – they help me juggle my work and family life.
Ashley W.; COTA; Denver, CO

The jobs you offer are always a good match for me!
Dana S., OT; Detroit, MI

You always go above and beyond the call of duty!
Walter M., RN; Fort Worth, TX

My experience with you has been so rewarding!
Brian R., PT; Fresno, CA

Everyone has been so helpful and efficient in finding me a job quickly.
Preston B., Glendale, CA

I enjoy how I feel important to them – both as an employee and as a person.
Samantha N., RN; Portland, OR

I feel like I work for a company that really understands the value of being a nurse.
Laura B.; RN; Houston, TX

I appreciate the staff’s quick responses, ability to resolve problems and overall hospitality.
Christopher S., SLP; Dayton, OH

The Supplemental Health Care team is excellent and the facilities I’ve work at have been great!
Nicholas F., OT; Orlando, FL

My team keeps in touch with me frequently…I can tell they really care about making our partnership work.
Lloyd M., PT; Philadelphia, PA

Everyone makes me feel so valuable and appreciated!
Andy G., LPN; Dayton, OH

You all do so many things to thank me for my efforts and it really makes me smile!
Jamie F., COTA; Raleigh, NC

In addition to the great benefits and support system, I feel like I’m constantly rewarded for doing what I love.
Lindsay C., PT, Seattle, WA

I appreciate how thoughtful my team is when selecting my assignments.
David P., OT; Tampa, FL

Client Testimonials

It’s has been a pleasure working with Supplemental Health Care to find the coverage we need.
Philip H., Client

You’ve always been very attentive to our needs.
Kate W., Client

I look forward to growing our partnership with your team in the years to come.
Ethan N., Client

The talent Supplemental Health Care provided has been outstanding. You understand our facility’s protocols and make onboarding so easy.
Curtis L., Client

We’ve partnered with you for years and the caliber of clinicians you provide is unmatched.
Stephanie H., Client

I enjoy the responsiveness and accessibility of Supplemental Health Care’s team.
Robert L., Client

They really help us focus and make strategic decisions about our workforce.
Richard B., Client

Supplemental Health Care is very diligent about filling our open positions quickly.
Cynthia R., Client

You are truly a reliable partner!
Eric T., Client

Supplemental Health Care provides consistent staffing solutions for our company.
Paul C., Client

I’ve always felt confident in turning to Supplemental Health Care for dependable nurses for my organization.
Tina H., Client

My team is sensitive to the needs of my facility and develops effective workforce strategies. 
Peter R., Client

Supplemental Health Care is a great company to partner with!
Lauren S., Client

You’ve always provided the support we needed to ensure we have therapists available to serve our patients.
Meagan P., Client

The nurses from Supplemental Health Care have been valuable assets to our facilities.
Libby M., Client

My team has done a great job in providing the best professionals for our home health operations.
James T., Client

I look forward to continuing my partnership with you!
Diane A., Client

Your team understands my facility and finds great applicants based on our criteria.
Travis D., Client

I’m always confident in their ability to deliver results!
Nancy W., Client

Even as a smaller client we receive outstanding customer service from Supplemental Health Care.
Alex Z., Client

Supplemental Health Care is, by far, the best staffing company I’ve ever partnered with.
Miranda B., Client

I’m happy to work with a team that understands the dynamics of staffing and patient care.
Benjamin L., Client

Supplemental Health Care’s staffing team is easy to work with.
Meredith A., Client

I appreciate their efforts to ensure our occupational therapists are well-prepared before entering our facilities. 
Andrew R., Client

Supplemental Health Care is amazing! They find qualified SLPs for us and coordinate the interview process so effectively.
Wendy V., Client

I’m confident in the nurses I receive from Supplemental Health Care – they consistently meet our standards, and are both skilled and knowledgeable.
Carlos S., Client

Supplemental Health Care’s track record is unbeatable!
Ben E., Client

Your customer service and staffing solutions are excellent and well-tailored for our facility.
Derek G., Client

Even under challenging circumstances, Supplemental Health Care’s team is always pleasant.
Charlotte T., Client