Managed Services Provider Program

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MSP Solutions for Complex Needs

Healthcare staffing is not always as simple as finding a nurse, therapist or physician for an open position.  In today's healthcare environment, growing healthcare systems face intricate dynamics that require sophisticated workforce solutions. 

Our Managed Services Provider (MSP) program provides a strategic and operational advantage to large healthcare facilities and healthcare networks facing complex staffing challenges.  Through our MSP program, we assume 100% responsibility for all of your contingent clinical labor while providing you a single point of contact for all staffing operations: order placement, order fulfillment, account management, customer support, billing, reporting and all other associated activities.

Supported by our Vendor Management System (VMS), we help to standardize contingent labor strategies, provide consistent processes across all locations, drive improved usage transparency and compliance, and reduce overall spend.  

Customized Managed Service Provider Solutions

Our MSP program delivers critical advantages over vendor neutral MSP solutions. Our staffing professionals place more than 2,200 nurses and therapists every day, so we understand the dynamics of nursing and allied labor trends, clinical compliance concerns, pay rate strategies, and quality control issues.  With our extensive network of local offices and travel divisions, combined with our affiliate vendor program, we have direct control over your staffing effort—driving faster response, continued cost savings, and program efficiency.  

What this means to you:  

  • Significant program cost savings
  • Increased spend control
  • Bill rate standardization
  • Enhanced visibility into workforce usage and costs
  • Centralized billing and consolidated reporting
  • Improved business intelligence and performance
  • Tracked compliance and vendor performance
  • Fewer position vacancies and reduced turnover
  • Streamlined workflow for candidate quality and document control
  • Increased workforce productivity and manager satisfaction

Our MSP program provides you with a comprehensive staffing solution customized to meet your unique workforce issues.  Contact us today to discuss if a Managed Services Provider program is right for you.