Long-Term & Regional Travel Jobs

Nurse in Hospital - Long-Term Reg Travel JobsUnlike short-term and per diem/PRN jobs, long-term jobs can last from a few weeks to months on end if desired.  In fact, we have some healthcare professionals who love working on indefinite assignments with us that have lasted for several years; providing them with full-time security without the headaches and hassles of a full-time job.

Supplemental Health Care's long-term and regional travel jobs are available for Nurses, Therapists and Allied professionals, Health Information Management specialist, and Physicians.

Our regional travel jobs are another great way for you to enjoy the best of both worlds: The chance to work in a wide variety of facilities and settings without having to travel across the country. 

Unlike traditional travel jobs, which typically require substantial travel and time away from home, regional travel jobs allow you to work within the state where you live or in other easy-to-reach areas – giving you the opportunity to return home during time off or even commute on a daily basis.

See what long-term jobs might interest you by using the Supplemental Health Care Job Search Engine and selecting Local as your job type.


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