Guaranteed Salary

Not every nurse, PT, OT, SLP, or therapy assistant wants to work full-time - many are just looking for some extra work to fill their free time or looking for something to last a few months during a transition period.  If so, we have terrific job opportunities for them.

For those who are tired of the grind and frustrations of working full-time at one facility and want an alternative option, The Supplemental Health Care Guaranteed Salary program is the perfect answer.

This program is the perfect option for anyone who desires the security and stability of full-time employment but wants the flexibility and variety that working on a contingent basis provides.  We call it FlexStability, and since introducing it more than five years ago, it has proven to be a tremendously popular work style for our qualifying therapists and allied professionals.

The concept is simple; if you want to work a full-time schedule, we'll customize a work schedule to keep you working full-time.  We'll even guarantee you a full-time schedule at an agreed upon salary.  We guarantee you'll collect the agreed upon salary, even if we are unable to book you a full schedule!

Have the best of both worlds. Enjoy all of the advantages of contingent work such as the ability to work a varied schedule, work at a variety of facilities and a broad sampling of settings, and gain great experience in the process.  At the same time, you benefit from the security of knowing you have a steady salary and benefits you can count on.


Contact a Supplemental Health Care representative for more details and qualification requirements.