Contingent Staffing

Group Healthcare Pros in Line

Staffing pressures in today’s healthcare environment rarely stay constant. Whatever fluctuating demands are placed on your organization, contingent staffing enables you to manage more closely to both patient care needs and the dollars you need to spend to get the most out of your staffing investment.

Contingent staffing through Supplemental Health Care protects your full-time employees by preventing over-work, burnout, and high-turnover rates within your organization.

We can ensure that you have clinical coverage when you need it, allowing you to be fully staffed while providing you the flexibility to adjust your workforce to meet your patient demand, improve your staff productivity, and maintain patient care levels.

 Just consider:

  • With company-wide Joint Commission Certification, we deliver staffing solutions that meet the highest level of compliance
  • With an 89% retention rate, our healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and quality patient care.
  • With more than 60 local offices and 4 national travel divisions, we can meet any operational demand

With a wide range of short and long-term options, Supplemental Health Care will help you develop the most efficient staffing model with talent-on-demand to stay ahead of unexpected challenges.