Healthcare Costs Predicted to Surpass Median Income for American Families


Earlier this week, CNN reported interesting findings presented in a new paper published in the Annals of Family Medicine regarding the future of healthcare costs in America.

According to these new projections, it is estimated that medical costs will be higher than the average American family income in less than 20 years. Although this incites a large discussion about the reasons costs continue to rise in the healthcare field, these eye-opening projections demonstrate just how quickly healthcare delivery and patient care is changing in our nation.

In addition to increased healthcare costs, there are many related factors that will challenge the status quo in this industry. Ongoing challenges in the American economy and workforce, changing health plans by national insurance providers, and new trends in patient care are only a few issues that will impact the accessibility of healthcare treatments for all Americans.  With so many challenges ahead of us, it is so important to continually examine the state of healthcare to learn how we all can make a positive impact for citizens nationwide.

Take a look at the article and leave a comment below to let us know what you think about the increasing prices in today’s healthcare industry.

“Health care costs to surpass total income?”



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