Supplemental Health Care Heroes


Meet Some of the Heroes We Work With on a Daily Basis

We work with a wide variety of healthcare professionals. From nurses to therapists to physicians. In many types of settings. We are proud to recognize their hard work and share their stories with you.



"I recently began working with a 6-year-old boy with a medical diagnosis of autism who was considered nonverbal and low functioning as he primarily communicates through echolalia and scripting. One day, I decided to trial an AAC device with him to see if he could understand the cause and effect.  After exploring the buttons for a few minutes, pressing buttons that spoke words like want, play, eat, drink, some, up, down, yes, no, stop, go etc, he found the keyboard and typed out the message “I fresh.” And then looked at me with the biggest, proudest grin I have ever seen! I smiled right back and replied, “Yes you ARE fresh my friend!” and gave him a big hug!" - Brittney B, ASA Staffing Employee of the Year


“My favorite thing about being a nurse is simply helping people. I know that is probably a common answer but it is the truth. I love knowing that I have made a difference in someone's life, large or small.” - Adriene B



“I love being able to help people and connect when they are at their most vulnerable.” - Kristina P



"My favorite thing about being a Speech-Language Pathologist is working with children. I love to hear and see the creative and nuanced ways that they say and do things." - Kelly B



“My favorite part of being a nurse is engaging the abundant and diverse atmospheres available in the nursing field.” - Keith B



"I love empowering women and their families to have the strength, courage, and confidence to make it through childbirth and the beginning stages of parenthood, all while tailoring their care to their specific needs." - Angela T



“It's tough to pinpoint a favorite nursing memory. When things become a bit frantic, though, I remember that I am a nurse because of the everyday moments, like when a patient offers sincere thanks or a family member is very appreciative of my being there for their parent or grandparent.” - Jackie P



"My favorite thing about being a physical therapist is helping people and being shown appreciation in return." - Octavia C



"My last night working a 13-week contract, the employees on my unit threw me a huge carry-in and that was a pretty special feeling." - Malcolm S



"I have many favorite work memories up to this point because I enjoy working with students who have multiple disabilities. I currently work at a separate school within St. Louis Public and I would have to say my favorite memory so far has been witnessing the tremendous progress my student who is blind and nonverbal has made with using AAC to communicate." - Christina G



“My favorite thing about being a School Psychologist is the interaction that I have with students, families, and colleagues.” - Phoenicia W



"My favorite thing about working in my field is the progress I see in my students which allows them to be successful in the classroom and at home as they interact with teachers, peers, and family. Nothing gives me greater joy than exiting a student when he or she no longer needs services." - Jackie K



"My favorite memory would be when one of my patients spoke for the first time. We had been working for weeks...I walked in and said hello as I always did not expect a response and all of a sudden I heard a muffled "hey"! Blew me away..." - Kenya J


“So far I've had an awesome experience! I've been a traveler for a little over a year now and it's given me the opportunity to continue to grow as a nurse!” - Lindsey B



“My favorite thing about being a nurse is that I can go anywhere to work if I so choose.” - Brooke H


“I love nursing, because it allows me to bring my humorous, yet focused personality to the workplace setting, where patients and family members may be enduring heart-breaking challenges or struggling to digest major and/or irreversible life-changing facts.“ - Juanita O



"When I feel like I'm helping people and doing a good job, then that's my favorite thing. I like to do whatever it takes." - Shala G