Supplemental Health Care to Help Vaccinate 20,000 Children This Holiday Season

PARK CITY, Utah (Dec. 2, 2015) – This holiday season Supplemental Health Care, a leading provider of innovative workforce solutions, will give more than 20,000 children around the globe a precious gift – protection against some of the world’s most deadly and crippling diseases. As part of its #BestHolidayEver campaign, Supplemental Health Care will make a major contribution to the efforts of Vaccine Ambassadors, an organization dedicated to providing children with the vaccinations they need to prevent diseases such as polio, measles, rubella and pertussis,

“Each year, more than 1.5 million children under the age of five die or suffer from vaccine-preventable diseases,” said Janet Elkin, President and CEO of Supplemental Health Care. “Our goal is to work with Vaccine Ambassadors to ensure they have the resources they need to prevent this tragedy. We can’t think of a better gift for children and families than a chance to live a healthy life.”

The donation is part of Supplemental Health Care’s broader partnership with Vaccine Ambassadors. For more than three years, the company and its employees have worked at the local and national levels to help build awareness and raise funds on behalf of the organization.  This activity includes raffle giveaways, team building days, and charity events to support local vaccination programs and raise additional dollars.

“It’s a large undertaking to ensure children everywhere have access to needed vaccines to remain healthy,” said Jackie Kaufman, Executive Director of Vaccine Ambassadors. “Almost 22 million children globally go without basic immunizations, roughly the number of children born in the U.S. each year. This is why support from Supplemental Health Care is so important. Literally, thousands of children and families will benefit from this generous gift.”

Also part of the #BestHolidayEver, Supplemental Health Care will send donation cards to their clients urging them to join the cause. These cards will provide background on the company’s alliance with Vaccine Ambassadors and detail valuable insights about current vaccine research.

“We are certain that our clients will join us supporting the mission of Vaccine Ambassadors,” Elkin said. “We take great pleasure in working with others to help kids stay healthy.”

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About Supplemental Health Care

Since its inception in 1984, Supplemental Health Care has served as a comprehensive workforce solutions provider that delivers customized strategies to address staffing challenges faced by healthcare organizations nationwide. Leveraging a selection of business solutions such as Recruitment Process OutsourcingManaged ServicesPRN Pool Management and Contingent Staffing, Supplemental Health Care utilizes its deep staffing expertise to deliver wide-ranging and creative workforce strategies that afford organizations better access to skilled clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals.


Headquartered in Park City, Utah, Supplemental Health Care maintains an extensive local office network of more than 58 offices in major U.S. markets and four fully-integrated national divisions: Travel Nursing, Travel Therapy, Supplemental Physicians and Advanced Practice.  Visit to learn more.


About Vaccine Ambassadors

Vaccine Ambassadors, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation, created as a partnership between, parents, healthcare providers, and the public that is guided by the mission that everyone deserves equitable access to life-saving vaccines, regardless of where they live. Vaccine Ambassadors has partnered with the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), to which it distributes 100 percent of public donations (minus any standard credit card processing fees that may apply) for PAHO/WHO to procure and distribute vaccines and immunization services

Founders: Jackie Kaufman, ANP, Eric Montross, former University of North Carolina NCAA Men’s Basketball Champion and NBA athlete, and Dr. Jacob Lohr, Pediatrician and former Chief of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine at the University of North Carolina.